Cristian Duarte

Software Engineer and a lot of things enthusiast

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Passionate Software Engineer (Systems Engineering graduate really), I like to think and act a lot.

Riddles lover. For example (nerds), how to remove a linked list node only having that node pointer. Also chess problems, haha funny when the only option is to promote a pawn to knight ♞. There is a .*[aá]n sign in our office island desk (because our names match that 👓).

Since you have read this far, you will find that I like dancing salsa and mambo, and doing any kind of physical exercise 👟. A challenge I have taken is to learn as many languages as possible [Здравствуйте]. I enjoy analysing and looking at great typefaces. Also (in my free time) I read and talk about history, economics and philosophy (also genetics ⚕, neuroscience 匘, astronomy ☄, well.. a lot of wikipedia surfing).

I am happily working at mobaires to help startups make a better [digital+real] world.

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